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This is Balloonacy

This is not a photograph of Reinier This is not a photograph of Reinier either

The nucleus of Balloonacy is Reinier Sjouw, a skilful computer scientist. In 1998 he was asked to teach balloon modelling to a group of Girl Guides. It was the start of a new way of life, as balloon modelling is rather addictive.

Why we founded Balloonacy

Regular requests to cheer up church fairs,
fundraising for charities,
training of IT Project Managers,
science fiction and fantasy events,
inspired us to turn this lovely hobby into an occupation.
balloon party time
an alien Balloonacy
Here are some links to other balloon modellers and other sources of inspiration:

Arthur Tivoli from Eurodisney
Guinelli, conjurer and balloon modeller from Belgium
Adrian, Terry Pratchett fan and artist on the Stena HSS ferry
Several of the street artistes whose ideas I shamelessly copied have not supplied me with their web addresses

reliable suppliers of balloons:
IBS Ballonnen near Brussels
Kent Balloons near Maidstone

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