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As stated in the "about us" section, the original key strengths of significant parts of Balloonacy are ICT-related. Even though the primary purpose of this website does not have anything to do with IT services, it is only fair to mention that Balloonacy staff do offer support regarding IT-related subjects.

Where IT is concerned, we are particularly strong in the fields of project management, quality consultancy and auditing. Key words to describe our approach: Analytically strong, combining a keen eye for detail with the ability to view the project as a whole. All that aside, we can take on complete projects, even turn key delivery, by calling on our extensive network of qualified suppliers of specialist ICT knowledge.

To get an impression of the kind of experience we offer, you request sample CVs of staff that can be hired via us. Our address details can be found via the "Contact us" link at the top of this page.
There are several ways to deploy Reinier or other Balloonacy recommended staff in your organisation. This may be on the basis of a services contract, (temporary) employment, or take another form. You can contact us directly to discuss terms and conditions.

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