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Balloonacy in het Nederlands

Prototype of a dragon

Recently, Balloonacy received the request to facilitate kings, knights, and, especially, the combatting of dragons at a children's party. The story should be Arthurian, featuring King Arthur, Merlin, and a grail. We liked the idea of working on a story about heroism.
Plying balloons in order to build a tall dragon - seriously exceeding the height of a toddler - is not an every-day job. This page holds a number of pictures of prototypes, and of the event. The dragon's head (full size) had been put up on the wall as a hunting trophy. In addition to that, scale (pun not intended) models (1:3) have been produced. Deviating colours have been used in the first model, giving more of an impression of how the dragon was constructed. I found that even this relatively small model tends to attract toddlers.

The photographs are "clickable" for obtaining "enlargements", but from these enlargements, the only way back is by using your web-browser's "back"-button.

First prototype: head or hunting trophy How scary is such a dragon when you're carrying a sword? It should stand about two meters tall It should stand about two meters tall Merlin teaches balloon magic to the knights The king helps in forging balloon swords The knights have found the dragon to fight The dragon has been found and defeated Lancelot for a photo opportunity a photo opportunity for the queen too

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